Keith Senior Becomes Finance Director of Bid4Bury

Keith Senior brings more than 20 years’ experience in finance to the Board of Bid4Bury as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor specialising in strategic business advice and tax planning.He came to Bury St Edmunds in 2006 when his company acquired an existing accountancy firm now trading as Jacobs Allen in Abbeygate Street. Keith said: “We are committed to having a town centre presence, as we believe that the commercial success of the town is dependent upon having a variety of businesses centrally located, rather than a retail centre and all else on the peripheral business and industrial parks.

Keith sees his role on the board of Bid4Bury as akin to what is currently being talked about as the ‘Big Society.’ Taking an interest in the BID from its very early days, Keith welcomed the mechanism to promote the town and its businesses with a more concerted effort for marketing than one business could achieve on its own. He added: “That collective approach to marketing has to be part of a general working together for a common benefit, which I feel is crucial to the whole town’s future success, even though the immediate benefit is, perhaps, likely to be felt by those businesses in the retail, tourism and entertainment sectors.

I feel that a personal contribution of this sort and closer working together as a community is a practical demonstration of that idea and has to be beneficial to improving engagement with one another, to achieve a more balanced and fair outcome from which everyone benefits; so I was more than happy to help by using the skills I am fortunate to have at my disposal.

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