* Jaclyn ClarkPA / Administrator

Jaclyn beat 72 other applicants to the job of PA & Administrator and joined us in July 2014 having moved to Bury from Mildenhall.

She has worked in the administration side of businesses for many years initially at a large Pharmaceutical Company, then in Schools and also a stint at a Farm Shop.

Jaclyn is probably the first contact you will have with Jacobs Allen as she is our meet and greet. Her role has expanded and she now assists in setting up new client records.  She is also our go to for all things Windows based, although these days she is experimenting with Mac too! She’s a dab hand at Social Media and is now responsible for most of our Tweets and Facebook items so give her a retweet or like sometime. She knows a fun Social Media post when she sees one and frequently creates some of our best.

Outside of work, Jaclyn enjoys travelling and photography, especially good with military aircraft and attending RAF dinners.  When not planning the next adventure holiday she is probably still processing the photographs from the last one!

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