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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

At Jacobs Allen, we have a passion for demystifying Corporate Finance and using our expertise to tailor our approach to make it available to businesses of all sizes. You achieve the outcome you want for a price that fulfils your expectations. We can help you source finance for working capital, buy a business or help you plan to sell a business.

What is corporate finance?

The term corporate finance conjures up all sorts of images – city slickers in sharp suits, tough negotiators with scores of assistants scurrying around law firms, and expensive bills!
But to put it simply, this is what we call corporate finance:

Finance to buy a business

Buying a business is often the quickest way to grow a business, but potential buyers are sometimes put off by the perceived complexity and cost. The most attractive targets are often not publicly on the market, but we are able to research, identify the most suitable prospects and approach them anonymously on your behalf. We assist in the negotiation of the deal, due diligence, finding the funding and guiding you through the documentation to completion. You get the benefit of our support from start to finish and achieve growth at a price you can afford. Find out how we can help you get finance to buy a business.

Selling a business

We are expert advisers and will help you get the best deal. Identifying potential buyers of your business is the biggest challenge and we use our in-depth research capability and extensive network of contacts to achieve this.

We manage the sale process all the way through from the confidentiality arrangements with potential buyers to the negotiation of the deal and final completion. The sooner we can be involved in Exit Planning the more interest and higher value we are able to achieve. We offer advice on all options including third party sale and Management Buyouts (MBOs). This maximises the money you can realistically get from the sale.

How Saleable is Your Business? Our free assessment tool has been designed to show how saleable your business currently is. Answer 12 simple questions and receive your current score and tailored explanations at: Free How Saleable is Your Business Assessment

Business Funding

Are you struggling with a lack of business funding? Is it stopping you from realising your ideas or innovative plans? We have access to over 100 lenders who can help with funding for businesses of all types including start-ups and small businesses. We have the answers to the right type of business funding for you. You get the funds you need with the right structured repayment to suit you.

Alternatively, if you are looking into getting a grant, our experienced contacts can help you put together an application to maximise your chances of successfully securing this type of funding.


Many businesses do not have a finance director. We can fill this gap by taking the burden of dealing with the numbers so the management team can concentrate on growth. We work with your existing team to implement and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and offer you strategic advice focused on creating growth and managing cash flows. This helps you to focus on growing the value of your business to maximise the return to you.

We Have Proven Success

Our team has a history of successfully completed deals (26 with a combined consideration of over £21 million) means we have the expertise and proven track record to help with your corporate finance needs and will ensure an approach, strategy and level of fees appropriate to the size of the transaction. You can be sure that you achieve your objectives with a service that is value for money.

Latest Video: How to raise finance for your business.


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