* Keith SeniorDirector

“I believe that your experience as our client should be a truly memorable one. We are here to make your business and financial life more focussed and to help you build your wealth. As the head of the firm, I want to make sure that you do get a truly world class personal service from us and that you feel that we are really committed to your success. Call me if you don’t think we measure up to this – or if we do and someone deserves congratulations.”

Keith’s own personal specialisations are in strategic business advice, coupled with innovative tax planning, so that you are able to keep more of your hard earned money to use as you see fit, and to achieve your long term goals. He gets real satisfaction from seeing clients’ businesses grow and prosper, especially through a difficult economic climate, where our advice has been instrumental in their success and wealth generation.

His background educationally at Oxford University was as a scientist, developing incisive analytical skills, then commercially with 3M in sales and marketing before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser with one of the top 4 firms in the UK. This gives him a multi-faceted approach to solving commercial problems, be they transactional or structural, and ensures that we never compromise the commerciality of a deal for the sake of compliance issues.

And what of personal interests to completely fill his time? He is passionate about cooking; no, not the books!, but rather lavish savoury and sweet concoctions that taste divine, or so he tells us anyway, as well as more hearty fare depending on the mood. Of his other pursuits, he says “Photography has always been something that gives me great satisfaction, especially when you capture the essence of a person or scene. So much for the creative side, and I have to admit to probably too little physical activity except for some forays into racquet sports when I get the chance — anyone for badminton?”

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