* Kevin FroudePayroll Manager

Kevin is involved in a payroll function with Jacobs Allen. His early payroll experience having been gained working for Jobs for Coventry Limited (JFC), a training company , as a  book-keeper and in a payroll support role. He was also based in the City of London, with stints with both Midland Bank International Division and with merchant bank, Morgan Grenfell & Co Ltd.

JFC maintained between 150-200 projects throughout Coventry and the surrounding areas for which they sourced trainee staff and delivered job training through several government initiatives such as Employment Training , Youth Training (YTS) and Community Programme.

His role at JFC also involved the training of students on a one-to-one basis, and many of these students went on to work in accounting functions with companies throughout the city.

His payroll knowledge and experience was expanded by working with two chartered accounting firms, his late brother’s firm PBC Accountants Ltd and currently with this firm.

Kevin has always enjoyed flying, in all its forms. He has, in the past, taken to the air in both Gliders (sail planes) and Hang-Gliders, although he feels that these days he might have trouble getting off the ground in an unpowered flying machine!

Reading, music and backgammon are three other things that he enjoys.

He also likes to see the world and has travelled extensively in Europe….picking up the knowledge to order coffee and cake in several different languages along the way…..and let’s face it, what else do you need?

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